yardbirds worships the ground you walk on.



Yardbirds professionals strive to meet clients aesthetic goals in their landscape while still sustaining the natural resources the whole community uses in the form of shade, clean air and water, food, habitat and so much more. 


Potholes are caused by misdirected water....and non-diverse landscapes (grass lawns) exacerbate the problem immensely.  Let's all take responsibility. 

There are a number of repulsive goods and ideas imported to the New World in the mid 17th century that have rightfully and thankfully been corrected over time:  slavery, murderous rampages against indigenous peoples, farthingales (in no way comparable to the way this nation treated African or native Americans but as female landscapers, we are supremely grateful we do not have to wear farthingales).  So, why doesn't America get rid of the imported concept of the European lawn, with its costly upkeep, terrible impact and zero benefits?





After too much formal education about environment and politics, this company strives to show customers that the common backyard wields more power than given credit for.



Designers at Yardbirds aim to maximize clients' desires while still preserving nature's bounty for beneficial members of the whole local ecosystem (things that eat mosquitos, reduce flooding, etc).  



After client + designer agree on our simple graph paper sketch of plan, the yardbirds team will begin installation of low-maintenance, native/useful plant landscape.  



When done correctly, personal landscapes can bring joy through relaxation, beauty, bounty, a sound and a guilt-free mind that you are doing as much as you can with what you have.


“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."






What We Do & Who We Are

Yardbirds designs small native/edible/hydrophilic landscapes in the New Orleans area for home owners, museums, offices, historic landmarks and anyone else who is interested in playing a part in improving the local environment and most importantly, building up the ground we walk on (because the taxes certainly won't do that).

Founder Emily Zielke was born in rural Southern Illinois, in Shawnee National Forest.  She later lived in many urban areas, nationally and internationally, sensing that the beautiful aspects of growing up rural can be realized in cities. too.  That in fact, diversity in cities is necessary (culturally and biologically). She obtained two Masters degrees in Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and International Relations from American University and UN Universidad para la Paz (Costa Rica), and later a permaculture certification in Guatemala- all of which helped form a solid knowledge in natural resource management at the hyper local level.  She has worked on rural and urban farms, taught school gardening programs in the US, Central and South America, worked in the field of green infrastructure and sustainable design with high school students, at-risk women and immigrant populations.  

Yardbirds is primarily a woman fueled company, specifically single moms and women who love working out of doors. We are always hiring part time employees (and volunteers!) that are interested/experienced in design (both website and landscape) and labor.  The ultimate goal for Yardbirds is to own or lease a piece of land in which to house a nursery to grow the plants we use in the landscapes we design and maintain. 




Ready to help?



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