yardbirds worships the ground you walk on.



Yardbirds professionals strive to meet clients aesthetic goals in their personal outdoor spaces while still sustaining the natural resources the whole community uses in the form of shade, clean air and water, food, habitat and so much more. 


What We Do

Yardbirds designs small sustaining landscapes in the New Orleans area for anyone interested in converting their outdoor space into a beautiful, low maintenance, ecologically sound landscape.

One of our biggest priorities is minimizing grass monocultures and planting useful plants that are good for the triple bottom line- people, planet and pocketbook. Grass lawns cost us time, money, and energy to maintain with few benefits. Their limited root systems don’t allow for much permeability during rain events, they often require synthetic chemicals that end up in our watersheds and the efficiency of mowers is atrocious. Reducing even a small portion of your grass lawn and replacing with beneficial plants makes a huge difference-in wildflowers and your wallet!

Who We Work For

Our goal is to run ourselves out of work and every potential urban space is cultivated, beautiful and responsibly managed. We cherish our existing clients and are are looking to expand in the following ways, so please contact us if you are interested in hiring our team.

Garden Parties: Whether for an event or lack of an event, we think getting hands in the dirt with friends, food and drinks is the ultimate way to invest in your space. You invite your most adventurous friends, we agree on the design and on the day of the event we provide task sheets and work alongside (participating) party-goers.

Renters: We are available to meet with landlords and explain the benefits of having a low maintenance beautiful green space to your landlord. It is difficult to spend money on something that ultimately is not yours, but there is value in watching a garden grow over the course of weeks, months, years. We can help you work out a cost sharing plan with your landlord.

Low-income families: We have several methods of reducing costs of materials for low income families interested in growing their own food or butterfly gardens in small spaces.

People interested in setting up community gardens: Through community partnerships, we can help set up community gardens in nearby parks and available unused lots. We’ll work with you to file the necessary forms, design and install the gardens. Ultimately, your neighborhood will be responsible for upkeep and maintenance.

Neighbors interested in a shared green space: For families and friends interested in sharing the costs and responsibilities, we can go over plans with everyone involved. Having a task list, calendar and clear duties stated is helpful when sharing a garden.


How We Work


With a plethora of formal education in environmental science, natural resource management and food sovereignty under our belts, we strive to show clients that the common backyard wields more power than given credit for.


Yardbirds designers aim to maximize clients' desires while still preserving nature's bounty for beneficial members of the whole local ecosystem.  We focus on putting the right plant in the right place, for people and the planet. 


After client + designer agree on our simple graph paper sketch of plan and budget, the Yardbirds team will begin installation of low-maintenance, mindful landscape. Maintenance packages also available.   


When done purposefully, landscapes can bring joy through relaxation, beauty, bounty, a sound and guilt-free mind that you are doing as much as you can with what you have.


Who We Are

Yardbirds is primarily a woman fueled company, specifically single moms, previously incarcerated women and women who love working outside. We are always hiring part time employees and volunteer groups that are interested in Yardbirds mission.  




“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."